Pakistani worker in Dubai gets three-month term for molesting Syrian boy


A Pakistani worker, accused of molesting a seven-year-old Syrian boy, has been sentenced to three months in jail in Dubai, UAE.

The 41-year-old worker has been charged with inappropriately touching the boy, kissing him and trying to further molest him, Khaleej Times reported on Sunday.

Dubai’s Court of First Instance ordered the worker be deported after completing his jail time. A complaint was filed on August 24.

The boy said he was on his way out of the building when he spotted the worker lying down in the exit corridor. “I thought he was injured and needed help. I went to him but he then grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him,” he added.

The boy then ran away to tell his mother.

Meanwhile, a police sergeant told the prosecutor, “Right after the incident was reported, we investigated the building where it happened. The CCTV clearly showed the accused touching the boy inappropriately, kissing and molesting him, following which the kid ran away.”

The police official added, “When nabbed, the worker told he worked for a contracting firm in the area and, on that day, he went to the building during break time. He was taking a nap on the floor when the boy came to him and woke him up. He admitted he molested him.”

The boy’s father, who is an engineer, said he reported the incident to Al Rashidiya police station. According to a report from the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence, the building CCTV recordings showed the worker following the boy after the incident.



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