Melania Trump visits luxury pearl retailer in Tokyo


First Lady of the United States of America, Melania Trump landed in Japan with her husband, President Donald Trump, kickstarting their 13-day, five country tour.

While her husband took off the golf course with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Melania headed to Tokyo’s high-end Ginza shopping district, where she and her Japanese counterpart, Akie Abe, visited Mikimoto Pearl’s flagship store. Mikimoto is a luxury brand with a deep history steeped in Japanese culture. The two ladies greeted each other warmly and then headed to a small room where they had a private tea.

Following their tea, Trump and Abe participated in a “pearl seminar”, viewing the different stages of pearl production, learning about the process from two Mikimoto pearl divers. Kokichi Mikimoto was the first person in the world to culture a semi-spherical pearl in 1893 on the island of Ojima, now known as Mikimoto Pearl Island, according to Mikimoto’s website.

Following the seminar, the two women participated in a photo in front of a staircase in what appeared to be the main lobby area of the store. They were then joined for a group photo with Mikimoto senior staff and the two divers, who were clad in what appeared to be an all-white dive suit with a red face mask.

Melania took to social media to share the details of her afternoon.

On Monday, the two will tour an elementary school together and have lunch before a state dinner in the evening with their husbands.