Fool-proof security to be ensured at chehlum, urs: Shehbaz


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has ordered for fool-proof security arrangements to be ensured on the two auspicious occasions of Hazrat Imam Hussain’s chehlum and Data Gunj Bakhsh Hajveri’s urs.

The chief minister was giving instructions to the provincial cabinet committee on law and order. He emphasised that the property and life of people were of the utmost importance, and that all security measures for the maintenance of peace should be taken.

“There can be no obligation more critical than the assurance of protection of people’s lives and properties. The law enforcement agencies should remain cautious and utilise all their resources and energy to ensure peace,” he said.

He further emphasised that there should be no gaps in arrangements meant to ensure peace and that all possible peace-disrupting elements should be closely watched.

Additional security should be deployed at mosques, imam-bargahs and other important places, and the law enforcing personnel should maintain close proximity and coordination among themselves, he said

He directed the implementation of a detailed security plan and urged elected representatives, administration and police officers to fully shoulder their responsibilities to ensure security.