Shoaib Akhtar to lead Careem’s new fleet of bikes


KARACHI: Shoaib Akhtar, on Friday, surprised his fans in Karachi by taking a round of city on a motorbike as part of a promotional campaign fror Careem.

Akhar, 42, travelled from Karachi Press Club to SMCHS in Karachi via Electronics Market, Quaid’s Mazar and Tariq Road.

It was quite a pleasant surprise for Shoaib’s fans all over Karachi.

Shoaib, who was once the fastest bowler in the cricketing world, said that it was a great experience to ride two-wheelers once again.

He said that motorbikes played an important role in making him who he is at the moment. He also said that in the early years of his career he mostly travelled to stadiums on motorbikes.

He also emphasised on the use of safety gear while riding two-wheelers saying that helmets are an absolute must when one is riding a bike, adding that it was sad to see so many people losing their lives only because they are not cautious enough.