Pilgrims en route to Iran from Quetta stuck in Taftan


QUETTA: Pilgrims headed to Iran from Quetta were stuck in Taftan without sufficient food and other resources.

Over 30,000 pilgrims have reached Taftan from different parts of Pakistan, however, have not been able to enter Iran since according to the pilgrims,  only those people can enter who pay the immigration personnel right there.

The immigration authorities on the Pakistan-Iran border, according to levies personnel, were working day and night for the pilgrims, however, such a huge amount of people cannot be cleared so easily.

All five windows at the immigration office in Taftan are busy at the time to clear the pilgrims.

According to the Chaghi Deputy Commissioner Shahak Baloch, 15,000 pilgrims were sent to Iran after clearance, while the others would be sent in another two days.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has also sent additional staff to Taftan to help with the immigration process.