It is high time that we girls speak up and say, ‘It’s not okay’: Vidya Balan


Bollywood Actress Vidya Balan is known for her impeccable acting skills and versatile choice of roles. Her next film “Tumhari Sulu” in which she is essaying the role of the housewife turned radio jockey looks very promising.

In her conversation with the Times of India, she says “I have changed a little since I did ‘The Dirty Picture’. I was not in favour of doing the suicide scene at the end of the film. I actually had an argument with Milan Luthria (the director) about whether the character should commit suicide at all. He was able to convince me, so I went ahead with it. I think that she could have emerged stronger. So now, I have come to terms with dealing with darkness. I understand that we represent stuff that happens in society so we have to portray it ably on the screen, even it’s darker aspects.”

When asked about her opinion on the issue of women’s exploitation, the actress said, “Personally, I never had to face anything of this sort of exploitation. I was probably lucky because of my middle-class upbringing. If I ever thought that something was fishy, I immediately left. As for the movie industry, I know that there’s a tag that it’s a big bad world but really, no one forces anyone to compromise. If both parties agree, then it’s a whole other ball game.”

The actress also believes that it’s high time women start standing up for themselves. “It is high time that we girls speak up and say, ‘It’s not okay.’ For instance, if a woman has nice legs, it does not follow that a man will pass a comment about it. And if such a comment is passed, then the woman should stand up and say that they’re not okay with it. I know that women often stay silent about harassment because they think it’s safer, but they need to take a stand. Hollywood actresses coming out and speaking about their harassment is a really positive and powerful step towards that aim,” the actress finished.