Bookies nail Rafael Nadal as odds on favourite to finish year 2022 as World No. 1


PARIS – After confirming his year-end World No 1 ranking in the ongoing ATP Masters 1000 event in Paris, the French and US Open champion Rafael Nadal has been slated as the odds on favourite to finish as the odds on favourite to end the year 2022 at the top of the summit as well.

Bookies across the world have collectively stopped taking anymore bets for the men’s singles number 1 player in 2022, while all bets remain over for the four years before that.

In multiple interviews with The Dependent the bookies collectively revealed that they’ve realised that the Spaniard is a cyborg working on a predetermined algorithm.

“He finished as the World No 1 in 2008, 2010, 2013, and now 2017. The algorithm couldn’t be clearer. He’s a shoo-in for World No 1 in 2022,” one bookie said.

Another highlighted further variables in the algorithm.

“If you look at any other male tennis player who has ended the year at least four times as number 1, they do so in patches of three of more years. Nadal has never done it in two consecutive seasons.”