Brothers, nephew of Afghan deputy governor ‘abducted’ from Peshawar also go missing


PESHAWAR: The brothers and nephew of Afghanistan’s Kunar province’s Deputy Governor Qazi Muhammad Nabi Ahmadi have also gone missing, diplomatic circles said on Tuesday, three days after Ahmadi was allegedly abducted by unknown men from Peshawar.

The two brothers were picked up from Peshawar and Chitral, respectively.

Afghan diplomatic sources told Pakistan Today that Ahmadi’s brother Habib Ullah had lodged the First Information Report (FIR) with the police station when the deputy governor went missing.

Unidentified men also picked up the missing deputy governor’s another brother, Yaqoob Khan, and his nephew, from their home.

Before boarding on a vehicle, Yaqoob Khan and his son were blindfolded.

The diplomats said that they have lodged a formal plea with the host authorities through the Foreign Office. The officials in the Foreign Office have assured them of early recovery of all four disappeared persons.

Unidentified gunmen had abducted Ahmadi in Dabgari area of Peshawar on Friday – a day after he had arrived in the city for an appointment with a doctor.

Ahmadi’s abduction was confirmed by officers at the Shah Qabool police station. They said they were trying to locate the governor.

The incident brought back the memories of the abduction and rescue of former Afghan governor Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi last year. Wahidi was recovered in Mardan two weeks after he was abducted from Islamabad.


  1. What are they doing in Pakistan in the first place? Trying to please their Indian masters I guess and creating problems here? All Afghanis have to be kicked out of Pakistan asap.

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