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Hidden hands trying to reverse democratic process: Ahsan Iqbal

ISLAMABAD: Hidden hands and inertia of history are trying to drift the democratic process into the same old design, stated Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal in a Facebook post on Monday morning.

Sharing a timeline of the country’s in-turn stints with a democratic and martial law governments, Iqbal said, “Pakistan’s history has oscillated between decades of democracy and martial laws following a pattern.”

Iqbal, who also heads the planning and development ministry, wondered if “we will be able to break the cycle that has kept Pakistan shackled in chequered political ping pong to undermine our development process or follow the dictate of the past?”

He hoped that God willing, the cycle will be broken this time as everyone is committed to preserving the continuity of the democratic process, except “a troika of failed politicians, disgruntled media anchors, and a few retired servicemen”.

“We can’t compromise on our future and the tide of Rising Pakistan!!!” he concluded.

The minister had made similar comments on Saturday when he said a particular lobby is hell-bent on constructing a narrative to provoke unconstitutional acts in the country “so that they get their jobs back”.

Speaking to the media, Iqbal had said there is a “troika of failed politicians, retired generals, and TV talk show hosts” which makes claims every day about political and economic stability in the country on TV.

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