Sindh girl, whose head hangs at 180-degree angle forced to live as pariah


A nine-year-old Afhseen Qambar, whose head hangs at a 180-degree angle is forced to live as a pariah as her condition evokes fear among people.

Afhseen , from Mithi in Sindh province, has an unknown muscular disorder, due to which she is unable to keep her head upright.  The condition means that Afhseen cannot eat by herself, stand, or walk properly and is restricted to a sitting position.

Children are scared of her and adults to believe her condition is a result of sins. She doesn’t go to school and her only friends are her six siblings.

Her father Allah Jurio, 55, and mother Jameela, 50, say they have consulted several local doctors but have been told they cannot provide treatment for such a rare condition. The poverty-stricken couple, who rely on their eldest son for financial help also lack  the money or resources to take their daughter for specialist help.

Afsheen was born normal like her siblings, but she fell on the ground when eight months old, while playing outside the house and got her neck hurt. Her conditions worsened due to negligence of her parents,  “as she grew older, her problems became complicated. She isn’t able to keep her head upright at all and often complains of pain in the neck”.

Afhseen’s unusual condition has made her live as a pariah because no one comes close to her. Jurio said: “People say bad things about our daughter. They often laugh at her. It really hurts us. We cannot tolerate people’s attitudes and discrimination.”

“People avoid her sight so we keep her at home. We want her to study but no one will accept her in school.” Doctors believe Afhseen suffers from a rare case of muscular disorder or anomaly in spine but suggest only a thorough examination can reveal the cause.

The article orginally appeared at Dailymail Online