Pakistan wants strong ties with Afghanistan: envoy


Pakistan’s Ambassador to Afghanistan Zahid Nasrullah Khan on Saturday said Islamabad is not worried about Kabul-New Delhi economic cooperation because Afghanistan is an independent state and has its own foreign policy, Tolo News reported.

However, he added that Pakistan is trying to have good economic relations with Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan’s increasing economic relations with India do not bother us. It is a sovereign country and it has its own unique bilateral relationship and foreign policy and that is how we look at it. Our concern is to address our bilateral issues because our relationship is extremely important,” the ambassador added.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in his recent visit to Islamabad, submitted a list containing names of 75 key insurgents in Pakistan. The US called on Islamabad to take action against militants.

The envoy said if Tillerson has submitted such a list to Pakistan, Islamabad will work on it.

“I have not seen the list and that I cannot tell you anything. Tillerson recently visited Pakistan and if he had submitted such a list to us, we probably will work on it,” he added.

The Pakistan envoy’s remarks come after the US has increased pressure on Pakistan to take serious steps, whereas India has agreed with the US to continue its economic support to Afghanistan.