Modern day Galileo apologises to church, mutters “it still moves” under his breath


After publicly recanting his views based on reason, a modern day Galileo by the name of Imran Khan has apologised to the modern day church of the law. However, while he offered his apology, he was heard muttering “Eppur Si muove (it still moves)” under his breath, showing the spark that still shows him to be the great man that he is.

The modern day Galileo first maintained his stance on a matter of principle. But then, showing some flexibility on the issue, he decided to give in for the larger cause. “It is with a heavy heart that I am doing this,” he said to close confidants. “You know how I cannot tell a lie. When I was a kid, I even admitted to my father that it was me who had cut down his favourite cherry tree.”

The intellectual successor to Galileo, who also happens to be the intellectual successor to Neville Chamberlain, proclaimed once again, later in the day, at his rally in Upper Dir, that the Taliban need to be negotiated with and that the KP government’s offer to set up an office for them still stands.