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FBR freezes Noor’s bank account

LAHORE: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has frozen the bank account of Pakistani celebrity Noor over tax evasion.

According to FBR officials, Noor did not pay Rs 1.4 million tax for the year 2015.

The FBR carried out a raid on a bank’s branch in Defence area and recovered Rs 160,000 from her account before freezing it.

It may be mentioned here that the FBR had also frozen the bank account of another model Mehreen Syed after recovering Rs 1 million from her account.

On September 8, the FBR announced that it would seize the properties of actresses Saba Qamar and Noor over non-payment of taxes.

The FBR had stated that Noor was a defaulter of Rs 1.4 million.

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