‘Corrupt people shouldn’t be given chance to rule’


MULTAN: Former federal minister and Awami Muslim League chairman Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad has said that people who keep their money and children abroad should not be given a chance to rule the country.

“They have made their sons tigers by feeding them with illegal money,” he said while addressing a public rally here in Multan. “Our daughters give birth on the roads, while they live in palaces,” he said with reference to women who gave birth outside the hospitals in three different instances, two in Lahore and one in Faisalabad.

He said that the corrupt rulers have left the people to die with unemployment. “Are people of this country insects,” he questioned. He claimed that as many as 25 members of the National Assembly (MNAs) from PML-N were ready to resign from the party membership.

He claimed that the ruling party has a large number of disgruntled leaders within who will soon distance themselves from the issues related to Sharif family. He lashed out at the elected representatives, saying they were only focused on making money through corruption and increasing their assets.

Sheikh Rasheed said that those who promised food, houses and clothes didn’t even give people graveyards. While referring to meetings of National Security Committee that have been attended by Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar despite him being under trial, he said a country was bound to struggle with survival if meetings pertaining to its security were attended by corrupt politicians.

He decried Pakistan People’s Party Co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari, saying he promises of providing food, shelter and clothing to people but has not even given them a graveyard to bury their deceased. He announced to hit the roads for sit-ins and protests on December 25. He said that he would call a large number of people to demand their rights and bring out rulers from their mansions.