PTI chief launches membership drive

  • Imran says intra-party elections to be held on basis of membership card

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreen-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday launched a membership drive for his party in the provincial capital.

Addressing workers convention, he said that as soon as general elections end, intra-party elections would be held on the basis of PTI’s membership card. Urging the need for meritocracy in the country, he remarked that the system in Pakistan was extremely unjust for the poor.

“Children of the poor have no opportunity to improve their lives or get better jobs.” He asked the people, “why do you think most Pakistanis are looking for opportunities to travel abroad?” He reasoned that it was because other countries reward those who work hard.

“The case is not the same in Pakistan. Here, a farmer’s son will also become a farmer. He has no other option,” he added. “We want a Pakistan where hard work is rewarded,” the PTI chairman said.