Pakistan nukes are not secure, says former American senator


WASHINGTON: Pakistan is more dangerous than North Korea as it does not have a centralised control on its nuclear weapons, making them vulnerable to theft and sale, a known anti-Pakistan former American senator warned, describing both the nations as rogue states.

Larry Pressler, who served as chairman of the US Senate’s Arms Control Sub-Committee, was the person who introduced the infamous “Pressler Amendment” to stop economic and military aid to Pakistan. He said that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons might be used against the US, warning the possibility of someone buying these nuclear weapons from generals or colonels.

Aid and military sales to Pakistan were blocked, including a consignment of F-16 fighter aircraft, by the Pressler Amendment.

“Their weapons could be transported to the US fairly simply. Just as 9/11 was a very simple operation run by 20 or 30 people,” he said.

“The Pakistani nuclear bombs are not controlled. They are subject to sale or stealing and they could be easily gotten out of Pakistan to just about anywhere in the world,” he said speaking at an event organised by The Hudson Institute, a top American think-tank.

The former senator, however, said he does not think that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are going to be used against India.

“I think what North Korea needs is just a lot of attention and hand-holding. Pakistan is a different thing because you don’t really have one person in charge. I think Pakistan is more dangerous to the US,” he reiterated in response to a question.




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