‘Nation will foil US desire to establish India’s supremacy’ | Pakistan Today

‘Nation will foil US desire to establish India’s supremacy’

LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan leader Senator Sirajul Haq has said that the Pakistani nation would foil the US design to establish India’s supremacy in the region.

Addressing a students’ rights rally organised by the Islami Jamiat Talaba, he said that the US presence in Afghanistan was not for bringing peace in the country but to destabilise Pakistan. However, he said the Pakistani people especially the youth would frustrate the dreams of the Americans and India.

He said that the US and India could do no harm to this country. However, he said the real threat to the country was from those who lived in this country but always praised the US and India. He rejected US plans for India’s supremacy in the area and said that India was only adding fuel to fire in Afghanistan.

He said that all designs of enemies against the country could be foiled through national unity and trust among the state institutions. However, he said that the country’s rulers were slaves of US and India. He asked the rulers why they were so mad for coming into power. These people came to power only to plunder public money and deposit it in banks abroad, he claimed.

Addressing a students’ convention, he said that the country needed experts in different fields and not corruption experts. He said it was tragic that while children were dying of hunger in Thar, the rules had amassed so much wealth that machines were needed to count their money. He said it was due to corruption and illiteracy that Pakistan had failed to develop.

Inaugurating the Al-Khidmat Razi Hospital in Islamabad, Siraj said that Pakistan was at No 163 in the world in the field of education as the government was spending only 111 rupees per annum per person in education. He said it was because of the corruption in the government that the people were not paying taxes.

On the other hand, private welfare institutions were receiving donations of billions from the public. The hospital built in CBR Town have sixty beds which would be later increased to one hundred with a separate coronary unit and kidney transplant unit.

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