Berger Robbialac White neither milk nor tea whitener, PFA angrily clarifies



The Punjab Food Authority has harshly rebuked recent joint attempts by the tea-whitener and paint mafias to pass off Berger Robbialac White as a tea whitener.

“No the Berger Robbialac cannot be used as an additive in tea because it’s paint and that really is not a good idea” said a fuming spokesperson for the PFA at a presser.

“I honestly do not understand the impulses of people at times!” he went on to say.

However, the PFA may not be as innocent as it seems as the entire matter came to rise because of their own negligence.

According to details, people had started using the Berger paint as tea whitener after the PFA launched a campaign clarifying what product is considered milk and what is considered tea whitener.

While the general public was made aware that Milkpack, Haleeb, Dostee and others are not really milk and just tea whitener, no clarification was given regarding the use of Berger in tea.

It was at this point, that a public concerned with their health switched to using Berger in their tea seeing that the PFA had missed it in their awareness campaign.

One user told The Dependent that he had been left confused over what to do and took the obvious course of using what was not in the awareness campaign.

“Well what else should I have done?” the exasperated man questioned this reporter.

“My wife said get tea whitener but said only to get the ones approved from the PFA and I had to make a call” he added.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the PFA maintained that the paint was neither Tea Whitener nor milk.

“Also, at this juncture, for the sake of total transparency I would also like to assert that the Berger Robbialac White is not milk and cannot be consumed. This is because its chemical composition forces it to be paint, which is hazardous to the health” he ended.