The “Do More” Mantra



For almost two decades Pakistan has been immersed in the never ending war on terror. Having lost thousands of its civilians and soldiers fighting this menace, gallantly, we continue to bear the direct repercussions of this ill-fated war. Yet our western friends conveniently turn a blind eye towards our losses and instead blame us for being involved with the bad guys.

For a moment, let us agree to disagree with the Americans and assume that we have indeed failed in doing the needful. In the alternative let us pose a few questions to our dear friends.  What have America and its allied forces achieved in Afghanistan over the last one decade?  If, as alleged, Pakistan is the biggest source of terrorism then how come the overall security situation in Pakistan has improved? What made it so easy for the IS to take over an entire section of the Middle-East right under the Americans nose? Why haven’t the US forces been able to rid Afghanistan from all sorts of miscreants if they have been so committed at the first place? Why is there even an entity existing known as the ‘Afghan Taiban’ and why hasn’t it been wiped out in 15 years?

We would have received answers to these had there been actual progress. The pitiful reality of today is that the west has failed miserably in Afghanistan and is in damage control. They need a clean and face saving exit from Afghanistan, the sort which would justify the expenditure of billions of dollars over the past more than 15 years in spite of not attaining the desired results. The Congressional and Senate committees which the executive branch would have to face in the aftermath might be a daunting experience. They may not answer questions we pose but will most certainly have to adhere to the lawmakers’ queries.

Just this past week a report was published claiming that the US government had planned an Abbotabad style raid in the event that the Pakistani forces failed to recover the western couple and their children. How formidable on their part, if that’s what it aimed, but to be extremely honest it didn’t have the desired effect. If the aim was to instill fear into the hearts of the Pakistani leadership and its armed forces then it is the last thing that happened. The Pakistani forces displayed perseverance, command and success. In a short span of time they were in and out successfully recovering the western couple and their family, not to mention their bravery acknowledged by the couple themselves.

If at all the US forces were so prepared, then again a humble question arises if the top Special Forces were so expedient in preparing a raid inside Pakistani territory then what made them not do the same inside Afghanistan? The last thing we know is the couple was being shifted from Afghanistan and within hours of their movement the Pakistani forces intercepted and successfully recovered them. The point is why weren’t they intercepted by the Special Forces when they were inside Afghan territory and also why wasn’t the CIA able to track them for the past 5 years they spent incarcerated at the hands of the Afghan Taliban?

It all boils down to the same thing we discussed earlier. The US continues to fail in Afghanistan and rather than focusing on that is busy making us the scapegoat. Though not so relevant but it let it be known that Pakistan didn’t even have to send in its Special Forces to rescue the couple. Our regular armed forces managed it without fail and proved yet again that when it comes to commitment Pakistan along with its armed forces is the front-runner in the war against terror and has produced more than sufficient results over the past few years.

Another aspect of this do more mantra which is the actual apprehension of the West is the growing Chinese influence in Pakistan. The continuation of the Pak-China friendship in a greater capacity now stings the west and most importantly the Indians. Why else would America require India’s assistance in bringing peace to the region? The very India which, although, accuses Pakistan of being a state sponsor is itself a remarkable example of state sponsored terrorism. Give the Kashmiris a day before the free and independent media and this claim shall stand more than substantiated. The atrocities against our Kashmiri brothers by the Indian government is the biggest example of modern day democratic bigotry.

In spite of the transgression in Kashmir, the west continues to inch closer to the Indians in the hope to counter China’s growing influence in the region. A feeble attempt to begin with. Let it not be forgotten that Pakistan is no Iraq or Afghanistan which can be taken over whenever needed. Such wishful thinking will have disastrous effects for the theorist. The Pakistani army is no Iraqi army which can be superseded by any other. The armed forces of this beautiful country have the capacity and capability to defend its sovereignty and keep the ill-wishers of the country at bay.

Any attempt to dismantle the setup will be catastrophic not just for South-Asia but for the entire world. Rest assured Pakistan continues to rid its country of fasaadis and it wouldn’t harm them to do the same at its borders too.

Speaking of borders Pakistan is finally doing what they should have done years ago. The fencing of the Durand line will give the west even less reason to blame Pakistan for its failures. It is my hope that it actually keeps the miscreants away, though it’s easier said than done. Nevertheless I continue to remain an optimist and ready to serve my country in small ways I can and also encourage others to play whatever little role they can for the betterment of the motherland.