Seminar held to celebrate 200th birthday of Sir Syed


PESHAWAR: The management of University of Peshawar (PU) Pakistan Study Centre (PSC) on Tuesday conducted a seminar on the life, achievements and services of renowned political philosopher, academician and social reformer of South Asia, namely Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (1817-2017), to mark his 200th birthday celebrations.

During the event, speakers shed light on various aspects of the life and contributions of Sir Syed for the Muslims of South Asia. The event was attended by faculty members, intellectuals, research scholars and students.

PSC Director Professor Dr Fakhrul Islam was the keynote speaker on the occasion. Addressing participants, he said that after the war of independence in 1857, life had become a real challenge for Indian Muslims as they had lost hope in their future. He said that the British East India Company had let loose the reign of terror on the local population and deprived them of education, jobs, and other civil and political rights.

Dr Islam said that, “It was in that difficult situation that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan came to the rescue of the Indian Muslims. He had rendered numerous religious, social, educational and political services for the Muslims, since he was the harbinger of Muslim political activism.”

Furthermore, he said that Sir Syed had not only pleaded the ‘Two Nation’ theory, but the All India Muslim League was also founded at a meeting of the Muhammadan Educational conference, the latter being the brain child of the great scholar and mentor of the Muslims.

Moreover, Dr Islam said that Sir Syed was a perpetual fountain of inspiration for the young generation as they could draw fruitful lessons from his practical life.

He said that, “Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, being a rationalist, would always look at things around him in a different way and would try to prove them on the basis of his own enlightened thinking.”

The PSC director also said that there was a need to highlight the positive aspects of such personalities to inspire the youth, while adding that young people should learn from the huge contributions made by Sir Syed’s thoughts and philosophy.