Rangreza’s trailer is out and it looks promising


Rangreza’s first trailer is out now and it looks like a massive treat for the eyes! It is a musical romance directed by Aamir Mohiuddin, featuring Gohar Rasheed, Bilal Ashraf and Urwa Hocane in the principal cast and

When the first trailer was released a month ago or so we knew we had to keep an eye on it.

The trailer starts with the introduction of Ashraf and Hocane’s characters, and the beginning of ‘a musical love story.’ However, it is the second part of the story with Rasheed’s character in it, where the intensity begins.

Throughout the trailer, we are introduced to the various songs in the movie that include both modern pop and classical qawwali.

We do hope that the soundtrack of the movie will be awesome since many renowned music power-houses are helming the film.

But if we have to mention one performance that blew us off that has to be Rasheed’s since he was the one who just took all of our attention with his unabashed and all-out performance.

Watch the trailer here:

Rangreza is set to hit cinemas on Dec 21, 2017.