Pakistan must invest in Sudan’s health sector: Sudanese health minister


ISLAMABAD: Sudanese Health Minister Bahar Idrees Abu Qarda said on Monday that both Pakistan and Sudan can make noticeable progress by gaining from mutual investment opportunities available in both the countries.

Talking to a private news channel, the Sudanese minister said that in order to review these opportunities, a high level diplomatic mission would be visiting Pakistan next month under the supervision of Sudan’s investment minister.

He invited Pakistani businessmen to invest in Sudan in the fields of medicine, education, pharmaceuticals and hospitals building, which provided the best investment opportunities.

The minister further said that Sudan’s economy was growing rapidly after the United States (US) lifted its trade ban imposed on the country. “The US decision speaks volumes about the positive role played by the Sudanese government in curbing the menace of terrorism,” he added.

He also said that, “Our government is taking positive steps to improve the economy, and soon we will see the positive results of the ongoing efforts.” The way forward has been cleared of all obstacles after the restoration of the democratic process in Sudan, he added.

Replying to a question, the Sudanese minister said that Quaid-e-Azam was considered the leader of the entire Muslim ummah. “His sacrifices in the creation of Pakistan were unprecedented,” he added.

Moreover, the minister said that due to the imposition of the US ban on Sudan and other African countries, progress in the health sector remained stalled in the region. “Sudan is still coping with fatal diseases like malaria, hepatitis, tuberculosis and polio, while Pakistan has defeated these diseases with positive strategies,” he added.

The minister hoped that Pakistan would assist the Sudanese government to fight these diseases by using their vast experience gained over the years.