Man killed, body hanged from tree in alleged act of honour killing


RAWALPINDI: Police on Saturday found the body of a man hanging from a tree on the outskirts of Rawalpindi district.

Per details, police on receiving information, rushed to the Thalla Kalan area and found the body of a 23-year-old man hanging from a tree. The deceased was later identified as Mubashir by his family members.

The family of the deceased alleged that the man was killed in the name of honour by Muneer, who developed a suspicion that the deceased was having an illicit relationship with his wife.

Later, on the complaint of the deceased man’s brother, Chontra police registered a murder case against four men, including Muneer. The suspects could not be located by police and were believed to have fled the area.

The investigating officer of the case, namely Sub-Inspector Ahmed Nawaz told reporters that the death of the man, either through poisoning or strangulation, could be confirmed only after the postmortem reports are received. He said that police teams were conducting raids in different areas to arrest the accused and reveal the real facts behind the incident.

However, the police officer also said that the angle of suicide cannot be completely ignored in this matter, since the body was found hanging from a tree. Regarding the occupation of the deceased, he said that the man was a herder by profession.

Earlier, Mohammad Iqrar, the brother of the deceased, told the police that Muneer had suspected Mubashir of having an illicit relationship with his wife, on which he committed the murder without confronting the deceased.