Air pollution, diseases increasing hand in hand in Karachi


KARACHI: The air quality in Karachi is on the nosedive and the presence of heavy smoke in the air of the city has resulted in serious diseases, particularly allergic, respiratory and cardiac problems.

The government of Sindh has a dedicated environment department, but it has not played its due role as yet to make the city pollution free. Many years back, the government of Japan had donated a modern mobile laboratory to this department to assess the air pollution levels, but this costly laboratory was allowed to be damaged and become a junk due to deliberate neglect.

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) General Secretary Dr Qaiser Sajjad said that PMA has been raising its voice since long against the air pollution and all sorts of environmental issues as they are the main factors behind the increasing disease burden in the city. He said that pollution should also be considered a serious healthcare and human rights issue.

The city should be given a proper focus in regards to air pollution to save the citizens from diseases, said Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor. He said that not only the city faces serious air pollution but the solid waste management is also in shambles as all roads and streets are seen littered and unclean.