Motorcycle rider attacks woman with ‘sharp object’


On Thursday evening, a motorcycle rider stabbed a woman with a ‘sharp object’ in Malir, Karachi.

The woman, named Jazba Javed, was crossing the road when she was stabbed in her hand by a bike-ridden man. Subsequently, he fled from the scene.

Footage from CCTV and other evidence is being studied into the case. An FIR has also been registered in the Malir Police Station by the police.

No comment could be made on the incident until more information was available, said the officials.

Between September 25 and October 5, 13 cases of ‘knife attacks’ were reported in various parts of the city.

On October 15, the city police stated that they had arrested a person of interest identified as Waseem from Sahiwal with help of their counterparts there.

However, the held suspect could not be brought to Karachi for further legal action as Punjab police told their counterparts in Sindh that “they wanted to interrogate him for recent attacks on women in Sahiwal, Rawalpindi and Lahore first”.