PPP’s reconciliation policy meant for democracy, not Nawaz Sharif, says Zardari



LAHORE: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari said on Monday his party’s reconciliation policy was meant for democracy and not for Nawaz Sharif, elucidating why he did not contact the ousted prime minister.

“There could be no contact with the ruling party under present circumstances, let alone a meeting,” Zardari told party members at Bilawal House, adding that he could not even speak to Nawaz Sharif over the telephone.

The former president said the ruling PML-N was bent on destroying the entire system of the country, and added that his party had decided to stand against the “evils” of the ousted premier.

“People’s Party laid sacrifices for democracy, but the PML-N is wasting those sacrifices by harming democracy in the state,” Zardari said.

“Nawaz-league is negating democracy by confronting institutions.”

The PPP co-chairman said they even faced false cases in the courts and the PML-N should also do that. “Instead of facing cases, Nawaz-league has resorted to intimidation; Nawaz Sharif is fighting the courts instead of fighting cases.”

He alleged that for saving himself, Nawaz wants to fail democracy and judiciary.

The former president said the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was also their brainchild, but the PML-N today wants to take its credit.

“The plan of a barter system with China, Turkey and Iran was also ours, but it was not allowed to progress,” he added.


  1. Does this fellow, Zardari, know the meaning of Democracy and can he last even for a day in a working democracy.

  2. Zardari takes us for fools not realizing that he is the biggest fool around who is a murder suspect and a recognized crook.

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