Illegal hunting of wildlife banned in GB: Forests official


ASTORE: Astore Wildlife Divisional Forests Officer (DFO) Arif Khan said on Tuesday that illegal hunting of wildlife has been banned in Gilgit Baltistan (GB) and those persons found involved in unlawful hunting will be sent to jail.

Talking to reporters, Arif Khan said that the government had imposed a ban on illegal hunting of wildlife in the mountainous region and decided to take strict action against elements involved in illegal hunting.

It merits mention here that wildlife played an important role in ensuring a balanced natural environment by providing optimum conditions for the smooth running of natural processes. Therefore, wildlife experts from around the world have stressed that protection of wildlife habitats was imperative for conservation and increasing the number of endangered species.

The forest officer said that the wildlife department was utilising all available resources to conserve and protect wildlife species in the province, while adding that a large burden of responsibility fell on the shoulders of the local communities who should be educated to safeguard the habitats of unique flora and fauna present in the region.

The officer also said that facilities at existing national parks were being improved and the capacity of field staff had also been enhanced through different training programmes.