PML-N leaders only concerned about future of Sharif family: PAVA | Pakistan Today

PML-N leaders only concerned about future of Sharif family: PAVA

ISLAMABAD: Former military officers belonging to Pakistan Army Veteran Association (PAVA) on Monday said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is more concerned about the future of the Sharif family in politics rather than thinking about the welfare of the masses, and finding solutions to meet internal and external challenges.

A retired army officer said that the PML-N was deliberately pushing the country towards anarchy and clash of institutions by maligning the army repeatedly. He said that the ruling party continued to target the army which was not only adding to uncertainty but also damaging the country’s image abroad.

Another officer said that, “The PML-N continue to raise slogans about the economic revival in the country while inflicting worst damages on the economic front.” Now, the country was being destabilised by the same forces in the name of democracy, he added.

The PAVA members also said that there was nothing wrong with the army commenting on the state of economy since many local and foreign institutions have done the same in the past. They also said that the army, which was facing many internal and external threats, had a right to show concern over the country’s economic condition.

Ex-servicemen feared that if financial emergency was declared in the country, the military would face budget cuts, which would in turn weaken the country’s nuclear programme and the performance of its armed forces against enemy countries.

Former military officers also challenged the government to stop spreading propaganda and instead publish the financial record from the past five years and come out clean over the state of the economy, rather than duping the public with hollow statements.

Moreover, the PAVA members further said that masses should know whether the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and other relevant institutions were willing to deal with Ishaq Dar or not, considering the fact that he was facing charges of corruption but still serving as finance minister. The government should also clarify as to why another minister was sent to the World Bank’s meeting in place of the finance minister, they demanded.

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