Area mouse under no threat from claw grabbing its tail, area cat clarifies



SAME PAGE – A spokescat for all hungry and ferocious cats in the area on Monday said the claw that has grabbed a fragile mouse’s tail poses no threat to the mouse.

“There is no threat to the mouse from the claw, but there could be a threat to it if certain requirements are not being met,” the cat told the media.

“I want to add that there needs to be stability. The mice need to continue doing their thing, while the cats need to continue doing theirs, while both sides maintaining respect for the food chain and its stability” he added.

“I have to say this because there are a lot of rumours about the claw being used to attack the mouse and kill it.”

“We will play our part as and when required but whatever we do will be done by staying in our gastronomical limits,” the spokescat said while addressing the press conference.

Referring to an earlier statement about the area’s cheese that garnered harsh criticism from area’s mice, the spokescat said that he felt disappointed by the reaction.

“I was disappointed, both as a cat and a resident of this area, at what was referred to as an irresponsible statement,” he said. “The area’s food chain and cheese are obviously interlinked and directly related.”

The cat insisted that all of the stakeholders have to come together to ensure that all possible tails are under the claws needed to maintain stability in the area.