Islamic State’s growing influence in Afghanistan threat to Pakistan


PESHAWAR: The militant organisation Islamic State (IS)—also known as Daesh, ISIL, ISIS—has begun armed resistance against the Afghanistan government in almost all 15 districts of Kunar province, posing a threat to Pakistan’s national security, as Kunar borders with Bajaur Agency.

However, according to analysts, the threat from the IS is less potent right now than the threat posed by Jamaatul Ahrar—the terrorist organisation which split from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan in 2014.

The IS militants held a meeting at Baadgo on October 12 before initiating its armed attack against the Afghan government in Kunar province. Their meeting was interrupted by an attack from US drones, killing 14 militants and injuring several others. The assault notwithstanding, the IS militants went ahead with their attack on the Afghan security forces’ check posts and barracks at Kunar province headquarters Koza Shagai after a delay of one day. The Afghan security forces repelled the attack, killing five militants, while one Afghan soldier was killed and a few others injured.

According to sources from Afghanistan, the IS militants have been trying to establish control over the main road which connects Kunar with Jalalabad, where headquarters of the strategically important Nangarhar province is situated and which borders with at least three tribal agencies of Pakistan.

The IS militants have established temporary headquarters in Shultan village in Gabari district of Kunar province, adjacent to Bajaur Agency. The Gabari district is dominated by Mamund tribesmen, who also live across the border in Bajaur Agency.

The IS presence in Kunar has caused widespread unrest among the local people, many of whom have already abandoned their homes and moved to Jalalabad, Kabul and other places. Among these are also the governors of Kunar and the adjacent Nooristan along with other senior officials who have relocated to Jalalabad.

Reports reveal that the IS militants are attempting to strengthen their position by winning the support of local Afghans, who believe in the Salafi school of thought and who are in a dominant position in both Kunar and Nooristan provinces. They are also promising amnesty to officers and personnel of Afghan forces who would help them expand their influence to the bordering regions of Pakistan. Meanwhile, they have also established contact with Jamaatul Ahrar head Abdul Wali Mohmand—also known as Khalid Khurasani. However, so far, their efforts at cooperation with the Afghan forces and the Jamaatul Ahrar leader have been in vain.

High-ranking Afghan authorities have recently confirmed an unprecedented surge in IS presence in the border province of Afghanistan. Before the ‘mother of all bombs’ attack on an IS complex in Nangarhar, IS presence had been confined to Acheen area, and they had been on the defensive. But now they have reached Behsud and Chaparhar, which are situated on the outskirts of Jalalabad city, according to Afghan sources. The IS militants are attempting to disconnect Kunar and Jalalabad from each other, as well as capturing the Kabul-Jalalabad highway at different points.

A segment of Jamaatul Ahrar was attacked by US drones in Lal Pura district of Nangarhar province two days ago, in which several officials, including two commanders of the organisation, were killed.

Previously, the Afghan Taliban had been successful in capturing the Kabul-Jalalabad highway and reaching Kabul in September 1997.


  1. There is no place in Islam od so called terrorism. It is a Fitna and it might be put to its endf only by God Himself.
    Obviously it has grown as a Fitna by those people who are ignorant of Islam. They are more likely clamped on Muslims believers that have strayed too far away from Allah’s path as we are.
    Allah Ta’ala has taught us to turn to Him when we are caught in a situation beyonf our control.
    The Prophet (saws)used to stand in Namaz in times of trial.
    It is reported by Huzaifa (RA) that one night we were all tired and gone into sleep in the Battle of Trenches. The Prophet stood up in Namaz and asked “who wants to join me in Jannah?”
    Nobody responded. He said this thrice. They were all in deep sleep. He saw me and said, “Huzaifa, come here.” I said to myself “ab to jana parhe ga.” And I went to him. He said go and bring news from what the ebemy is doing?”
    It was very cild night and there started a strong wind that uprooted the tents of the enemy. I heard Abu Sufian calling for a retreat. I told this to Prophet (saws). It was then a verse was revealed in Surah Al-Ahzab, saying” We raised a strong wind and drove the enemy empty handed and “We became enough for you.” Prophet (saws) is reported to have said, “From now on, it will be us leading in victory.”
    Allah h says to the Muslim believer Army: “I have bought your Jano Mal in lieu of Jannah. I am enough for you. I know your enemies. I create My “Rob” (terror) on them. I sand down My Angels of great valour in battle to aid you and to make your steps firm in battle. Be steadfast in the thick of battle and “remember Me in abundance.”
    ere one finds both sides on on wrong hand of God.
    Don’t accept the terrorists to turn to Him.
    We can. Let us do it.
    Allah will create terror with India on one side and lift terrorism from the Muslim world if we become an example to others.
    As for America, Allah has blessed us with many strengths and gifts with a lot to spare and share with others.
    We don’t want anything from America. But we may soon offer America enticing and attractive opportunities even in Pakistan with the end of terrorism both a transshipment hub at Gwadar port and land hubs on our border cities, Quetta, Chaman, Torkham etc. to and from central Asia with beginning of its infrastructures
    Let us create an independent Think Tank in “fee sabeel lillah” Allah’s sake and in His cause.
    Allah Ta’ala hamari kaya palat sakte hain.

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