Canadian couple shouldn’t only focus on negatives but also mention Pakistan’s positives like Coke Studio and K-2: FO



The Foreign Office said on Saturday that the recently rescued Canadian-American couple Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle should not only focus on the negative side of Pakistan.

“We know that since there are reports in the western media that the couple and their children were in the custody of the Haqqani Network, which allegedly (laughably) has the support of the Pakistani state, they are bound to blame Pakistan for their ordeal,” said Nafees Zakaria, spokesperson.

“But they should also tell the world that Pakistan is also the home of Coke Studio and the second-largest peak in the world, K-2,” he continued.

“But no, they won’t mention that, will they? Because all the west does is buy into the Indian narrative against Pakistan.”

“Why focus on a mild little thing like incarceration at the hands of a militant networks the state has (allegedly) not acted against, and not talk about our thriving music revival, cinema revival and fashion industry,” continued Zakaria.

“Though even I must admit Coke Studio’s last season was horrible,” he concluded. “But what about the others?”