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Police neglect burial of dead bodies

LAHORE: In Lahore’s two big graveyards, 17 dead bodies including 2 of women, await burial. Local residents have tried hard asking the police to bury the dead bodies but no action has been taken so far, pointing to the negligence of the concerned authorities.

These dead bodies have not undergone any procedure after their identity was verified a month ago. No post-mortem was conducted, nor was it ascertained if they were murdered or died in an accident. No attempt has also been made to notify the families of the deceased.

In Mayo Hospital, 8 dead bodies of men and women await burial. But the local police, owing to their negligence and unwillingness to spend funds on their burial are delaying the entire matter.

According to sources, on September 11, 2017, in Data Darbar Police Station, a 24-year-old male’s body was found. Other bodies were found in Gawalmandi Police Station, Bhati Gate Station.

The administration of the hospitals where these dead bodies were brought insisted on the police to take action. In response, the police say that the matter is being investigated by the CIA. Whereas, the CIA says that the investigation is being done in the concerned police station.

When a spokesperson for DIG was approached for comment, he said that the concerned police station’s SPs are being directed to make arrangements for the burial of the deceased, and added that strict action will be taken against negligent police officials.

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