OMG! Mush’s adorable military coup has grown up to be 18-year-old hottie


LAHORE – We all remember former military dictator Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf’s adorable, sometimes awkward looking, offspring that dominated our television screens in the early 2000s. And we all remember falling in love with the military coup and allowing it to win our hearts.

For the uninitiated, the adorable little guy is not-so-little anymore, and turns 18 today. And the latest images show that the cutie born in 1999 has grown up to be a hottie.

After ruling the country for eight years as a child artist, the military coup remained mostly a social media sensation with fluctuating appearances in the ongoing decade. But recent developments have brought the coup to the limelight again.

In an exclusive interview with The Dependent, the military coup shares future plans on the eve of the 18th birthday.

“Finally 18! YOLO! xoxo,” wrote the coup in the WhatsApp interview, further revealing the plans as an adult.

“I can finally vote and participate in the democratic process in next year’s elections,” the military coup said highlighting the ancestors’ contribution to democracy in Pakistan.

The coup that has transformed into a handsome hunk reveals that fans can stay in touch on the Instagram feed that is up-to-date with everything that the coup has been doing in life, years since being the undoubted star and centre of the limelight in Pakistan.

“I might’ve been off the radar for that past nine years, but I’m back now,” the hottie said.