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Religion is a private matter of an individual: DG ISPR

  • Says there is difference between fundamentalist, extremist: ISPR chief

    Maj-General Ghafoor says not every fundamentalist is a terrorist; no safe havens of terrorists exist due to successful security operations

    KARACHI: Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor said on Thursday that Pakistan army is a national army and that religion is a private matter of an individual.

    The ISPR director general’s comments come days after former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law Capt (r) Safdar from the floor of the National Assembly called for a ban on induction of Ahmadis in the army.

    Addressing students of the University of Karachi during his visit to the campus, Major General Asif Ghafoor said that “in order to be Muslims, we don’t have to chant slogans, but prove, through our deeds, what we believe in. If we adhere to the principles of Islam, the world will recognise Pakistan as an Islamic country.”

    He said that “one does not have to prove to the world that one is a Muslim; it is between one and the Almighty.”

    Differentiating between terrorism and fundamentalism, the ISPR DG said that not every fundamentalist was a terrorist, as “I am also a fundamentalist.” “(Likewise) not every terrorist relates himself with fundamentalism,” he said, “Western countries and Indians are also fundamentalists.”

    “If I’m someone who wants everyone to view the world through my perspective, then I’ll not be called a fundamentalist but an extremist,” Ghafoor said.

    “If I force others to agree to my ideologies, then I’d be called as the one who is prone to violence or terrorism,” he said.

    “I do not have to prove to the world that I am a Muslim; it is between me and Almighty Allah,” he said. In order to be Muslims, “we don’t have to chant slogans, but prove through our deeds what we believe in,” he said. “If we adhere to the principles of Islam, the world will recognise Pakistan as an Islamic country.”

    The ISPR director general stressed that Pakistan was one of the most beautiful creations of the Almighty and it was valued the most geographically as well. “When someone wants destruction of a country, then it targets its security forces first.”

    He termed it fortunate to be able to visit the campus, saying he was surprised to notice the number of women students being relatively higher than men. “It was said that Soviet Union’s arrival in Afghanistan posed a threat to Islam,” he said.

    “The Soviet Union was ousted with the assistance of the US,” he said. However, he added that the US launched an attack on Afghanistan following 9/11. “When those fighting the US did not find refuge in Afghanistan, they entered Pakistan,” he also said.

    “We successfully completed Zarb-e-Azb security operation; we systematically cleansed our areas of the terrorists and today, there are no safe havens of terrorists in the country,” Major General Ghafoor said.

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  1. Sherdil. said:

    Pakistan Army needs a big infusion of fresh blood of Islamic ethos. Don’t get misled by your so called “professional Taining” and capability. Read Qur’an and relevant verses on the ole and character of an Islamic Army. What happened in “Jange Hunain”? Sahaba prided in their numerical strength and had to retreat with heavy losses. In Battle of the Trenches, everything looked at odds with the Prophet (saws) and he was standing in Namaz again and again. The Allah revealed to him that “I raised a strong wind that dove the enemy empty handed and “I became sufficient to you.”
    Mr. Editor, Let us create an independent Think Tank for our reforms. Allah says to the Army “I have bought your Jano Mal in lieu of Jannah. I know your enemies. I have empowered you over double of your enemy. I send down my Angels of great valour to do the fighting and to firm your steps in battle. I cast my “Rob” (terror) on the enemy. Remain steadfast with the obligated Namaz in battle and remember Me in abundance. When you’re face to face with the enemy you will find me with you.
    Allah will replace us all with a better followers. He has repeatedly warned us in Qur’an, Pakistan Army will be made to learn and understand the meaning of Qur’an to be enlisted in it.
    Allah Ta’ala has no place in Islam with “Firqa Parasti”. He has set for the Arm a model with the life of the Prophet.
    Above all Islam is essentially a religion of peace. Allah might create peace with the enemy when He sees it is good for the enemy. In a Hadith it is said,” The ink of the pen of a scholar is better than the blood of a martyr.”
    We have nothing working for us now and nothing is delivering.

    • eddied said:

      sherdil, is one of the brainwashed fanatics I was talking about…fools who think you can operate a 21st century country by using a 7th century operators manual?…time for these these backward ideas to be set aside in order for Pakistan to progress…

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