Rangreza’s new song ‘Bagiya’ is a treat through and through


Qurram Hussain’s first composition for the upcoming romantic film Rangreza has been released and everybody loves the sweet melodic number, Bagiya, sung by Jonita Gandhi.

This is the first movie of Mahi Ve singer as Music Director and playback singer. One of the most expensive Pakistani film productions to date, Rangreza is a musical romance directed by Aamir Mohiuddin, featuring Gohar Rasheed, Bilal Ashraf, Urwa Hocane and Saleem Miraj in the principal cast.

Talking to media about Bagiya, Qurram Hussain aka Q, the co-lead of JoSH band, says that this is a song when the heroine in the movie, Urwa Hocane, first feels the intense love she has for the hero and is celebrating that in her head with this song. “I needed to make sure the song is a happy song, but it needed to be a bit more “traditional” because that’s the type of upbringing she has had. So, the challenge was to transport myself into the character and envision what type of song she would sing,” he added.

In order to match the energy of the Urwa Honcae, Qurram says, he felt that Jonita Gandhi had the young and sweet voice that would complement this song best. I worked with a veteran, Ali Mustafa for the music. His experience and sound made the song very big and got a new up and coming to talent Tauqeer Bhinder to work on the lyrics and composition with me. “I think we achieved a track that connects with the character of the girl perfectly, and I think people will really enjoy Bagiya!,” he said.

The lyrics speak about a fantastical world that heroine imagines, where she is just surrounded by everything happy and fun, and make her want to dance and celebrate! The visuals of this track are amazing as well, and when the movie comes out I think people will really notice how well Urwa dances in the song and brings the song to life!

Qurram Hussain is involved in four songs in the movie Rangreza. “All these songs are of different genres, so it’s a lot of fun trying my hand at different styles of music for this film,” says the Aye Mausam singer, who released four super hit albums and 26 music videos with JoSH band.

“Doing a film was a different challenge for me as I have been doing music production all my life,” he says as he compares working in a band to a film.

“All the four Josh albums were written and composed by me, that process of writing can be categorised as selfish in the sense that I write what I wish to write, I create what I wish to create without thinking of what the listener would want to listen to because that is what art is about – an expression of the individual. On the other hand, in film, they give you the script, the scene, the characters and tell you to work around it.”

For Qurram, being given an outline to work with, makes things easy as it provides him with a starting point. “It’s a good learning experience for someone like me; I have to get out of my comfort zone and have to channel myself into something different, but you have to find inspiration in that box,” says the singer. Qurram Hussain is also involved in Qawali for the film.

Rangreza is set to hit cinemas on Dec 21, 2017.