Only individuals with ability, luck to marry way out of their league should be allowed to join army: Capt (retd) Safdar


MNA and retired army captain Muhammad Safdar said on Tuesday that only individuals with both the ability and unbelievably good fortune to marry way outside their league in every possible way should be allowed to apply for a commission in the Pakistan armed forces.

“Let me make this very clear: only those individuals who have been accorded phenomenal privilege because of the momentary lack of judgment and poor decision-making skills of an otherwise intelligent and beautiful woman will truly cherish the country enough to fight for it,” he said, while speaking to reporters after a session of the National Assembly.

“I repeat: only individuals who, if they are to be seen with their significant others, cause onlookers to remark, ‘Damn, how did THAT happen?’ should be allowed to join the armed forces,” he clarified. “Because they truly know what this great land has given them and what their worth would have been elsewhere had this not been the case. Or what there worth would have been even here.”

“We don’t care about any intelligence, aptitude or even character tests either,” he continued. “Even dolts, stark raving lunatics or criminals can apply.”

PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari has already extended full support to the proposal.