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Fungal infections on rise in city

KARACHI: Eminent Skin Specialist Dr Iqbal Nabi Soomro on Wednesday said that fungal infection cases are on the rise in Karachi due to lack of immunity, poor personal hygiene and improper use of drugs.

Talking to PPI, Dr Nabi, who is also director of the Institute of Skin Diseases said that the fungal diseases are a burden on the population and are growing at fast pace. He added that the major underlying factors include increasing the number of patients with diabetes mellitus, malnutrition, lack of immunity, and poor hygiene, besides the improper use of medicines (lack of compliance).

He informed that despite limited resources, Karachi Dermatology Institute had witnessed exponential growth in the number of patients. “Most of the patients originate in Karachi but there is a growing population of patients being referred from the interior Sindh and other parts of Pakistan,” he added.

He also said that all the diagnostics and treatment facilities were available free of cost, while major drugs were also being made available to the patients without any charge. He added that the 50-bed hospital was served by 40 doctors, 75 paramedical staff and other administrative staff.

Dr Soomro advised citizens to adopt healthy lifestyle habits in personal life like the use of hygienic food, remaining clean, taking bath every day, using a separate towel, instantly drying the body after the bath and dry sweating.

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