ASI continues illegal possession of family property with impunity


LAHORE: Railway Police SSP Robin Yameen and brother ASI Soloman Amanat have taken illegal possession of property belonging to their family, against which no action has been taken by concerned authorities so far.

According to Haroon, the brother of Soloman Amanat and Yameen, Solomon faked Haroon’s signature and presented himself as the padre of his father’s church Maranatha Revival Crusade Church, which has been established in Lahore since 1988. Haroon has been the secretary at the church since its establishment.

He alleged that Solomon, despite being a police officer and without having an NOC, is presenting himself as the padre of the church and using its funds. Haroon further told that when he informed his sister Valentina Powell and her husband Powell that he would pursue legal action against his brother, Solomon along with a security guard and Yameen’s son Anoos Robin began torturing the three. Me and my sister sustained injuries as a result, he said. Yameen would torture Haroon and his sister for several days and threatened to murder if they raised their voice. Subsequently they were locked in the house upstairs from where they attempted to call police but to no avail.

The family has been unable to file a FIR as well.  Haroon said that reporters of a private channel also approached them for the issue, but they were beaten as well. The reporters managed to file a FIR but no arrest has been made so far in that case.

Haroon has requested Punjab chief minister to protect his family.

Saddar SP Naveed said that investigation in the matter is under way and said that action will be taken once it is over. An attempt was made to reach SSP Robin Yameen but it wasn’t possible.