Suspect who shot dead Texas Tech officer gets caught


A suspect — who allegedly shot dead a Texas Tech University police officer Tuesday morning (Pakistan time) at one of the campuses — was apprehended almost an hour later, the institute’s Twitter account said in an update.

Earlier, police officers had brought in a suspect to the nearby police station for a “debriefing” when the suspect fatally shot one of them and fled the scene.

The university issued an “all-clear” following the suspect’s detention, saying the lockdown has been lifted.

The incident was confirmed by Jonathan Seaborn — the university’s spokesman — to CNN.

In the tweet, the university had urged its students to “take shelter”, since the “shooter [was] at large”.
Texas Tech University subsequently issued a statement, which is as follows:

“Earlier this evening, Texas Tech Police made a student welfare check. Upon entering the room, officers found evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Officers brought the suspect to the police station for standard debriefing. During this time, the suspect pulled a gun and shot an officer in the head. The officer is deceased.”

Neither of the two — the suspect or the police officer — have been identified yet.