Nation urged to click on link and decide for selves whether shameful new ad can be watched with family


The nation was urged on Tuesday by the admins of ZemTV to click on the link (which they had given below) and decide for themselves whether the disgusting new ad of Saathi could be watched with their families.

“This new ad of Saathi has torn through all the boundaries of sharm-o-haya and maghribi riwayaat,” read the plea.

“But don’t take our own word for it. Click on the link below and decide for yourselves whether you can see this ad with your family.”

Several responsible citizens, after heeding the plea, responded with passionate responses on the ZemTV website’s message board.

“Sham, sham,” wrote K3wl BoYPAki. “We R bcoming Europe. Nt evn europe, bt Amrika.” “Go Nawaz Go,” he continued.

“==== Get Dubai Visa EZ ====,” wrote Asma Mod.

“Reasonable Charges and Truth.” The tireless and passionate team at ZemTV did not stop there.

Immediately after the plea, they urged the nation do ask whether they thought Mehwish Hayat could sink to the level she had in her new photoshoot.

“Don’t believe us? Click here and decide for yourself.”