Mandy Moore’s two biggest regrets are her 90s bangs and blonde hair!


If you are a 90s teenager or even a late 90s one, chances are you’d remember Many Moore and her cheesy, bubbly song candy that was all the rage in 1999.

When she was first seen in the hit music video for “Candy” back in 1999, she was a teenager with blonde hair, shimmery eyeshadow and lots of lip gloss. But it turns out, her younger years featured two major beauty regrets for the 33-year-old This Is Us star: bangs and her bright blonde hair colour, reports USA magazine.

Not that she has anything against light locks — turns out that’s just not the actress’ vibe. “There was definitely some dated hair that was no good,” the brunette beauty said in an interview. “I look at anything [from] when I’m a blonde, and I shudder a little bit to myself. I know it’s not terrible, and it was very of-the-moment, but it’s so not me. It seems so like a completely different person.”

A look she had in A Walk to Remember that doesn’t want to revisit? Bangs. “I have told my close friends and my boyfriend [Taylor Goldsmith] if I ever talk about cutting bangs again to pull me aside and remind me [not to]. Because anytime I cut bangs, it’s that immediate sense of, ‘Cool! I’m already growing my bangs out again.’ So that’s what I think of when I look at those bangs,” she explained. “They’re pretty unfortunate, and they were really hard to grow out — as all bangs are! There was that awkward [phase], the barrette, and twisting your hair.” (Mandy just got engaged in early September, so she must not be used to using the word fiancé just yet!)

One look Mandy doesn’t have any issues with is being made up to play the 66-year-old version of Rebecca on This Is Us. “Clearly, Rebecca is very hydrated and takes impeccable care of her skin, because I think she looks very good for her age!” she continued. “Aging doesn’t scare me at all. I’m embracing all of that and everything that comes along with it. I loved looking at myself in the mirror and thinking, ‘If this is any indication of what I’m going to look like when I’m 66, I’ll take it.’”