IoBM fires security official for misbehaving with faculty member


ISLAMABAD: The Institute of Business Management (IoBM) on Monday claimed to have terminated the employment of an administrative official in the security department after he told a visiting faculty member that her attire was ‘inappropriate’. The incident first came to light when the faculty member shared her experience on social media.

Speaking to a private news channel, the teacher said that she had been stopped at the university entrance by an official who misrepresented himself as the head of security.

She was informed that her attire was inappropriate for a visiting faculty member and was asked to take it up with a member of the administration who often dealt with students who were singled out for the same issue.

However, when she approached the head of department (HoD) regarding the matter, she was told that a diktat laid down in the students’ dress code only mentioned wearing knee length shirts. But according to the IoBM security head Sartaj Hussain, there was no guide for faculty members to wear a specific kind of dress to work. He said that a dress code only existed for employees other than teachers, and even that was not enforced by the university administration.

The security head said that it was possible that the official in question had confused the teacher for a student, a sentiment echoed by the said teacher’s head of department as well.

After the incident, the teacher took to social media and criticised the behavior of the security guard, thus prompting the administration to take action against the guard. The official had been fired from his job after the incident and the HR department of the varsity apologised to the teacher for the incident.