Darail AC’s mother escapes deadly attack on vehicle


PESHAWAR: Unidentified assailants on Monday attacked the vehicle of Darail Assistant Commissioner (AC) Ameer Azam Hamza with firearms, however, no casualty took place as the AC was not travelling in the official vehicle.

Local police said that at the time of the attack the driver and mother of the assistant commissioner were in the vehicle, however, both escaped the attack without suffering any injuries. Police officials said that the assailants fired a few rounds of bullets at the vehicle by taking cover behind large boulders present along the road.

The unidentified gunmen fired nine bullets at the vehicle but missed their target completely. Later, the attackers succeeded in fleeing the scene of the incident.

Confirming the attack, Diamir Deputy Commissioner Dildar Malik said that those behind the attack were against development and progress in Gilgit Baltistan and the government would not spare such elements from disrupting law and order situation in the region. He pledged to bring the assailants to justice at the earliest.