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Mir suggests reforms in elite system to benefit people

LAHORE: Pakistan National Reform Movement (PNRM) Chairman Nadir Mir has said that the stage is set for a movement at national level to defend and unite the motherland through transformations.

In a statement issued here on Sunday, he said that the political structure does not function properly. “Neither the political elite delivers not is military rule the answer,” he said, adding that the political system needs overhaul as a whole.

“We should strengthening democracy, democratic system and democratic norms and values by taking all stakeholders in confidence over all the issues,” he said. The PNRM chairman said that Pakistan’s problems multiply instead of being solved in the presence of over 300 parties and different groups.

Through their vote, the people should make efforts to uphold the prestige of the parliament and the other state departments for strengthening the national institutions and ensuring the smooth way of development, he said. “It is the national obligation of everyone to play pivotal role in removing obstacles from the way of national development and prosperity,” Mir said.

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