Imran Khan and his gaga harangue 



Some people are just too fond of scandalising their reputation, naturally. This habit or pussy footing around seems nothing but whims for the time being but one gets serious about them when he sees the already withering reputation being put at stake.

Imran Khan, party head of PTI, is busy demolishing his persona and that too when it is required the most to be kept in a sober condition. Considering the statements given by him in the past, now anything of this nature fails to register itself as an anomaly but that would only work if he is not heading a party and a province of Pakistan. Outbursts have proven to come with a tendency which lacks the reasonable pith but, a well thought of statement can’t be categorised as such. His recent remarks on Khawaja Asif’s bold stance on militants are an attempt, although abortive, to merely level political score. That’s where you ask for trouble, to go after someone just because he is a political rival is a fool’s errand.

Let’s talk about the two parallel worlds he abides in at the same time. Khawaja Asif while keeping the record straight told America about their role, which is also an open secret, regarding the patronage of the terrorist organisations which now they consider their worst enemies. He further stressed and in a way cleverly admitted that just like you, we had to keep up with them for the motives but now they are as much a liability for us as they are for you. These remarks are totally normal and carry both guilt and determination, but Imran Khan lashed out against Khawaja Asif by going as far as labelling him an enemy of this country. As I said earlier, with no grounds you can’t stand, you can only fall into the abyss of your own ignorance, this Imran Khan is the same man who back in 2013 invited Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan to set up their offices so peace process can be initiated. One should ask him, if now by labelling terrorists for what they are Khawaja Asif can be the enemy of Army and Pakistan then by extending an invitation to those who butchered our army men and citizen don’t you qualify to be called what you blurted out for him?That’s not all, once again, churning for the wellbeing of his beloved banned brothers he wished same stentorian sentiments for Afghan Taliban. Hypocrisy can only bear fruit and advantage for a very short time, sooner or later it has to overturn itself to flash its grotesque reality.

In another tweet, he ridiculed Khawaja Asif for telling Asia Society in the USA that PML-N believes and is working for liberal values while PTI is keeping up with religious groups. Once again without any doubt, this tweet was also written by Imran Khan in an attempt to defame him as a political rival. The opinion of Khawaja Asif regarding the religious outfits and Imran Khan’s on TTP serve as a brilliant example that how apt Asif’s statement was!

Another point can be inserted here, that’s about the new syllabus introduced by the ministry of education KPK, some very absurd shots taken from the books made rounds on social platforms and were quite insightful to understand the mentality at work there.

The premiership is indeed something that retains a position that every politician has set his eyes on, that’s the dream they always carry albeit only a few achieve it. Now what level of frustration someone can have when his whole struggle engulfs this dream, he will go to any extent, will dig out every hole from where even a little hope or help can counsel? Imran Khan’s sole passion is successfully wheedling him away from the motto of his party.

Going for a leap of faith he in a subsequent tweet, tried to hold the PML-N by horns when he criticised them regarding their alliance with Molana Fazal’s JUI-F but at the same time, he was forgetting about his party’s alliance with Jamaat-e-Islami in the province of KPK. Does nobody help him out sorting the position and stance of the party before making it public? Is he too big for anyone in his party to seek counsel? His track record of U-turns is accomplishing more success day by day.

It will stretch the debate unnecessarily but he must be aware of his U-turn on MQM. On May 15th, 2007 he matched MQM with Hitler and Nazi Party and then on September 27th, 2017 he announced them PTI’s friends.

The presumptuous statements often given by Imran Khan put on display a kind of mentality which lacks vision, which can be fruitful but not for habitants of this planet. Regrettably, baseless effrontery is nothing but one’s own anxieties rolling inside and are liable to attract trouble uncalled for.