Ban lifted on screening of Na Maloom Afraad 2


The Punjab government on Saturday lifted the ban on the screening of Na Malood Afraad 2 just a day after banning it.

This was confirmed by movie director Nabeel Qureshi.

Qureshi, while speaking to Geo News, said that he is quite happy that the ban has been lifted. “It is a good decision by the government and I was hoping for it as the movie did not have any such [controversial] scene.” He remarked, “Banning the movie 35 days after its release sets a bad precedent,” and added that “this is a win for the entire movie industry.”

He further said that the movie is screened “uncut” across the cinemas in Punjab.

A notification from the Punjab Information and Culture Department said the film was ‘re-examined’ by the Punjab Film and Censor Board Lahore today.

The board unanimously declared that no scene/dialogue was found vulgar in the film under consideration.

On Friday, the government had issued a notification banning the movie in the province, five weeks after its release.

Without going into many details, the notification states that decision has been taken “in view of persistent complaints from different quarters.”

Earlier on, the UAE had barred the screening of the movie in the country due to alleged misrepresentation of Arabs.



  1. That is a great news, this is a great movie. And I did not notice any unwanted or inappropriate scenes screening in this movie..
    This was a unofficial act banning the movie after 35 days, anyway lifting the ban is a good news..


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