After Karachi, knife attack case reported in Gujranwala


After causing terror in Karachi, a knife attack case was reported from Gujranwala, where a woman was injured in an attack on Saturday.

Reportedly, a woman was stabbed and wounded in Ibrahim Colony and was shifted to the civil hospital.

According to the victim, two masked men approached her as she stood in the street and stabbed her.

It is crucial to mention here that, in Karachi, over 10 women have suffered identical attacks during the last two weeks.

Counter-terrorism Department, on the other hand, has been called in to handle the situation in Karachi.

In a wake of ongoing knife attacks on women, the investigation team has decided to take the assistance of a psychiatrist regarding the detention of the criminal.

Despite tall claims, the security personnel have thus far failed to nab the real suspect. Moreover, they have now decided to look deeply into the matter and to find out whether the suspect is playing some sort of sadistic game.

The incidents have left citizens questioning their safety and the law-enforcement agencies are perturbed whether the attacks are being carried out by an individual or a group.

In an attempt to protect those within their precinct, the administration of the University of Karachi—situated in the area in question—has banned motorcyclists from wearing a helmet.

Some similarities have been noticed in all the incidents: the attacker reportedly attacks with his left hand using a sharp object, wears a helmet and rides a red motorcycle.