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Pakistan can’t be sole guarantor of peace in region: Sehar Kamran

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Sehar Kamran has said that peace and stability in South Asia is the responsibility of all neighbouring countries, and Pakistan alone can’t guarantee peace in the region.

Senator Sehar Kamran on Friday submitted an adjournment motion in the Senate of Pakistan on the recent statement made by the Indian Air Force chief in which he has threatened to “locate, fix and strike” inside Pakistan.

Indian Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa said Thursday that the Indian Air Force has the capability of locating, fixing and striking across the border, adding that any decision on a ‘surgical strike’ would be taken by the government. He also asserted that India is prepared to effectively counter any threat from China while confronting a two-front war also involving Pakistan.

“We need 42 squadrons to carry out full spectrum operations, but it doesn’t mean we can’t fight a two-front scenario. There is a Plan B,” he said.

Two-front war refers to a military threat from China and Pakistan at the same time, and is part of the Indian defence minister’s directive issued to the three services. Last month, Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat had asked India to be prepared for a two-front war.

Sehar Kamran said that such irresponsible statements from the top Indian civil and military brass are condemnable and can cause further escalation of tensions in the region, as it corresponds with a reckless statement made recently by a senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, where he stated that “by April 2018, India would break Pakistan into four pieces.”

She also said India has become a threat to regional peace and stability, adding the show of willingness by the Indian leadership to launch a two-front war with Pakistan and China is indeed alarming and worrisome.

She said the world community should take notice of the growing Indian belligerence, which is detrimental to peace in South Asia.

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