Govt following merit-based policy for promotions, appointments: Tariq Fazal


ISLAMABAD: Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) Minister Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry on Friday said that the government is following a merit-based policy regarding promotions and appointments made on the official level.

The minister said this while responding to a Calling Attention Notice (CAN) in the National Assembly regarding non-availability of headmasters/vice principals (BS-18) in 25 Islamabad Model Schools for Boys (I-X), despite the availability of deputy headmasters (BS-17) who fulfilled the prescribed criteria for promotion.

Chaudhry said that it was not correct to state that 25 schools were working without heads. He said that 18 officers (BPS-18) were working as principals in some schools, while seven senior teachers were working as headmasters in the remaining seven schools.

Chaudhry further said that promotion cases of 26 teachers were being considered and Ministry of CADD had already promoted 17 officers on merit, while nine cases remained pending due to cases of internal litigation. In total, 22 departments have been working under this ministry and merit policy had been adopted in appointment or promotion in all these departments, he added.

Moreover, the minister said that it was very unfortunate that such issues related to government departments were being dragged through parliamentary interventions without any confirmation.

He concluded by saying that according to his knowledge there was no school in Islamabad that was working without a head since all vacant seats had been filled.