Did not call moron a moron: Tillerson



America’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, on Saturday finally acquiesced to the wishes of President Donald Trump by clarifying that he has neverin his entire life called the President a moron.

Answering a cutting edge and hard to answer question posed by ‘The Dependent’s’ foreign correspondent in Washington, Tillerson sighed exasperatedly before saying “I have never called that ignoramus in the White House a moron.”

The Secretary of State had been in hot water after it was revealed that after a spat with President Trump back in July, he had called the Commander in Chief a “moron” in front of a number of people including at least four administration officials.

However, he has now confirmed that he has never used the adjective ‘moron’ to refer to the President. In a more detailed press release prompted by The Dependent’s questioning of him, the Secretary of State was quoted as saying “In my entire life I have never seen someone more incompetent, disgustingly inept, grossly negligent and criminally low witted as Donald Trump, who I have never in any way described as a moron.”

Tillerson had earlier tried to deflect the matter by saying he would never consider leaving the State Department and was committed to his job.

“Why would I call that bag of low-intellect and hot gas a moron? I have no reason too. Besides, Vladimir will be sooo made if I lose this gig. Really would never quit. And besides, it really depends on what the meaning of the word moron is.” he had told the media back then.